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23,18 EUR*
Details Sessomatto-Experience-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) ringwear -

11,35 EUR*
Details Frequencia-Vinyl-Single

,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) Slight Ringwear. - .Label: Distance.Published: 2002/'Produc

9,49 EUR*
Details Edition-12-Vinyl-LP

POLYDOR RECORDINGS ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards)slight ringwear, SOC, SOBC - POLYDOR RECO

33,24 EUR*
Details Logos-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) ringwear - .Label: Kranky.Published: 2009/'Recorded Dec. 200

12,11 EUR*
Details Love-Story

,NEU / VERSCHWEISST. slight ringwear, shrink partly damaged - .Label: MCA Records

21,99 EUR*
Details Homework-Vinyl-LP

Original French, Embossed Sleeve, Still Sealed ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST. Slight ringwear on cover. - Original Fr

23,20 EUR*
Details Triumph-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards)minimal ringwear, hardly to see - /Deluxe Doppel CD Re-Issue

26,09 EUR*
Details Lonely-Weekends-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) laminated cover, light ringwear - .Label: Sun.Published: 1969

21,36 EUR*
Details Family-Man-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) Light ringwear on cover. Otherwise, in great condition. - .L

19,53 EUR*
Details Blue-Dirge-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards)very slight ringwear, small WOL, including insert - .Label:

26,62 EUR*
Details Zenith-Myth-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards)slight ringwear, small SOBC - .Label: Midnight Music.Publishe

16,82 EUR*
Details Jai-Kai-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) Slight ringwear / Small WOBC - .Label: Savoy Records/(Reiss

33,09 EUR*
Details Iotdxi-3lp-2cd-Vinyl-LP

Blue labels ,,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) decent ringwear, minor bends, spots on back, sl

19,99 EUR*
Details In-N-Out-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards)slight ringwear; inaudible hairline scratches - .Label: Blue

20,99 EUR*
Details Slip-It-in-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) Cover has light ringwear. Otherwise, in great condition. - .

10,02 EUR*
Details The-Hanged-Man-Rehung-Vinyl-Single

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) Slight Ringwear - .Label: D.C. Recordings.Published: 1998

35,09 EUR*
Details Nedir-Ne-Degildir-Remastered-Vinyl-LP

,NEU / VERSCHWEISST. Record is still sealed. Has only some ringwear. - .Label: Sounds.Published: 1997

14,65 EUR*
Details Random-Is-a-Pattern-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) Slight Ringwear - .Label: Circus Company.Published: 2013/UPC

15,31 EUR*
Details Asleep-at-the-Switch-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards)slightly ringwear - .Label: DC Records.Published: 2000/A1

59,00 EUR*
Details Symphonie-Nr-9-Op-125-2lp-Vinyl-LP

gatefold sleeve ,,Zustand Vinyl:EX,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards)decent ringwear, minor bends - gatefold slee

7,63 EUR*
Details Black-Is-Back-Ep-Vinyl-Maxi-Single

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) stains and slight ringwear but vinyl in NM! -

25,02 EUR*
Details Mislead-Into-a-Friend-By-a-Deformed-Deer-Vinyl-LP

.. DEFORCE ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) flawless vinyl.minimal ringwear that's hardly to

12,92 EUR*
Details 88-Vinyl-Single

LO-FANG #88 / Boris (2013 UK limited edition double A-side 12 vinyl single from Matthew Hemerlein released prior to his debut album Blue Film. There is a little ringwear scuffing to the barcode-stickered plain blue debossed-titled card sleeve but the ...