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Details Making-Markets-and-Making-Money-Strategy-and-Monetary-Exchange

Making Markets and Making Money First studied by Swiss economist Jean-Charles Leonard Sismonde de Sismondi in 1819, "Making Markets and Making Money: Strategy and Monetary Exchange" examines the strategic aspects of monetary exchange--specifically, of ...

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Details Making-Disease-Making-Citizens-The-Politics-of-Hepatitis-C

Making Disease, Making Citizens Since the naming of hepatitis C in 1989, knowledge about the disease has grown exponentially. Associated with injecting drug use and tainted blood scandals, hepatitis C inspires fear and blame. This title takes a look ...

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Details Psychological-Investigations-of-Competence-in-Decision-Making-Cambridge-Series-on-Judgment-and-Decision-Making

[{ Psychological Investigations of Competence in Decision Making[ PSYCHOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF COMPETENCE IN DECISION MAKING ] By Smith, Kip ( Author )Jul-01-2011 Paperback By Smith, Kip ( Author ) Jun - 30- 2011 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Making-the-International-Economic-Interdependence-and-Political-Order-World-of-Whose-Making

Making sense of today's international economic and political system is one of the most challenging tasks facing scholars, citizens and decision makers. Making the International is an innovative introductory text that enables the reader to develop a ...